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How to Store Garlic

Small Garlic Braid

Light and moisture are garlic’s worst enemies, as they both cause mold to grow.

BRAIDS: Braids should be hung in a well ventilated dry dark place out of direct sunlight.

BULBS: Store garlic bulbs at room temperature in a dry, dark place that has plenty of air circulation, like in a wire-mesh basket or open paper bag in a cupboard or pantry.

If you have old stockings, drop a bulb in the toe, tie a knot above it, drop in another bulb, tie another knot, and so on until you fill up the stocking, and hang it in a well-ventilated dry dark place.

Another thing to try: use old cardboard egg cartons. Do not use plastic cartons. Place a bulb in each section, and store in a dark, cool dry place.

28 thoughts on “How to Store Garlic

  1. I live alone but would love to purchase one of your medium sized garlic braids instead of two. Is that at all possible?
    I know that I will not be able to use two braids up just cooking for one.

    1. I’ll reactivate that product (single medium braid)

      The shipping cost kills us on that one. But will do.

  2. I ordered the large box, very disappointed it was not a braid, shipped in a box for the 4lb size.
    You really should specify that they are loose blunt cut.
    Braids are much easier to store.
    I guess I’ll have to try to freeze it.

    1. Hi, we specify very clearly that these are not braided. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

    2. Hi Carol. I’m sorry about the confusion. We’re pretty clear that the loose garlic is not braided. But I will send you by email a coupon code for $20 that you can use toward future purchase of a braid.

  3. I just got my 13 non braided, I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 120 year house not insulated , summer weather Is hot and humid , my house is not air conditioned . I read it needs to be stored in a dark well ventilated spot , I can put in a paper bag and cupboard, but room temp sometimes is at 88-90 f +humid. Shall I store it in the basement where it’s 15-20 degrees cooler? I can hang in the stairwell ?

    1. I think the basement is probably a good idea. Try the stocking trick… drop a bulb into the toe of an old stocking, tie a knot, drop in another bulb, tie another know, and so on, and hang the stocking full of garlic. Cur them off from the bottom up as you use them.

    2. “If all else fails”, I’ve thrown them in the blender and whirred them to a fine mince, then packed them into glass jars. Pour a good olive oil over to maintain color/flavor, and can be frozen.

  4. How do I find what variety of the loose garlic is. Wanting to order a good bit but wanted to know.
    Thank you.

    1. Right now we’re shipping Californ ia Late and Monviso, both of which originated in the Piedmont area of Italy. These are soft neck garlic, large white bulbs.

      1. Received my braid today
        Loos fantastic ,

  5. I am on a small budget yet, I want the best most healthy garlic.. also , I live alone so if you can suggest or contact me when the new crop comes out.. I was thinking a braided?? or whatever you suggest.. i believe Garlic is the miracle food.. Obviously , being Italian, I love my Garlic, Olive oil and Lemons.. anyway.. you can’t me on the e mail list if a braid would be better ??? or I will wait for your response.. thanks Theresa Fiorella

    1. We have the best price of the year right now on the four pound box of garlic

  6. So happy with my order for the four pound box! The bulbs are beautiful and the freshness is wonderful! Such a difference from the produce section in our supermarket! Now I am eyeing those braids as gifts!

  7. I just ordered for the first time. I am looking forward to receiving my order. I love garlic and cannot imagine my life without it. Please send coupons for my next order.

    1. We will be sending a discount coupon by email to all of our customers next week.

  8. Approx. how long should braided garlic last if in a dry garage?

    1. Should last six months or so

  9. Just received my garlic braid. Thank you.

  10. Just received my garlic braid. Thank you. If coupons are available for future purchases, please send them.

    1. We will be sending all of our customers a discount coupon next week, by email.

  11. Can one use a bulb to plant to grow garlic ?

    1. Yes, you can break up a bulb into cloves and plant each clove. Garlic likes lots of water, but well-drained soil. Some states, including parts of Idaho, ban the interstate import of garlic for growing use. Please be familiar with your state’s regulations.

  12. I just received 4lbs non braided. Can I freeze the bulbs individually?

  13. Thank you…would like to receive your coupon.

  14. We were going to visit out daughter in Saratoga thus having to drive through Gilroy…but had to cancel, so I would like to order via mail. I want to know if you can freeze garlic since we would not consume all of it withing a couple of months unless I make that Stinking Garlic recipe for chicken with 29 cloves….would it be better to clean then freeze or could you freeze the entire bulb

    1. We’ve never had great luck freezing garlic. We know some people peel it and freeze the peeled cloves. But this garlic will last six months if properly stored… try the stocking trick. Get an old stocking, drop a bulb in the toe, tie a knot, drop in another bulb, and so on. Hang it in a dry cool dark closet.

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