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We believe this is the best garlic in the world. Much of the garlic you see in supermarkets comes from China, and is not as flavorful or healthy as California garlic. We only sell one product: amazing fresh chef-quality garlic, ideal for cooking, or decoration.

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Our fresh garlic braids are harvested and shipped in late July. Place your order for braids now, and we will ship when the new crop is available.

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We’ve been in the garlic business since 1993. We built the world’s first garlic website, The Garlic Page, and have shipped thousands of fresh California garlic braids to happy garlic lovers around the world. Our products are guaranteed fresh, healthy, and delicious.

Garlic adds an earthy, robust layer of flavor that makes it a year-round essential. Crushed raw into summer pesto, garlic is bracing, almost biting, and fresh. Roasted in winter, it’s nutty and mellow. Chopped and tossed into salad dressing, it wakes up everything around it. Stuffed into a roast, it pushes deep meaty flavor. Always have plenty of garlic on hand.

Garlic FAQ

Garlic, botanically classified as Allium Sativum, has one of the largest genomes of all cultivated plants and is a member of the lily family along with chives, shallots, and onions.

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